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    4 Japanese TV dramas & movies which will make you fall in love with Sake | Watson's Wine

    4 Japanese TV dramas & movies which will make you fall in love with Sake

    Japanese cuisine is so popular in Hong Kong that Sake is getting trending. If you still doubt the charms of Sake, maybe you should watch the 4 Japanese TV dramas & movies below. They will show you the charms of Sake through the craftsman’s spirit behind its making, Sake & food pairing and more!

    1. Sake & Food Pairing《Wakako Sake》

    p2226744088 (1)

    If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, you may have watched the popular Japanese TV drama 《Solitary Gourmet》. It’s a pity the main character in the story does not drink wine or Sake at all, but we all know that wine and Sake would definitely add colors to food if the pairing goes well! Therefore, we recommend《Wakako Sake》, another TV drama where a 26-year-old OL explores different izakayas to enjoy food with Sake after work. The delicious cuisines like grilled salmon and takoyaki are pairing with suitable warm or cold Sake. The pleasurable eating experience of the main character makes us really want to try the Sake and food pairing as well!

    2. The craftsman’s spirit behind Sake making:《Liquid: Oni no Sake, Kiseki no Kura》

    Famous Japanese actor Hideaki Ito, who played a leading role in another renowned TV drama《Umizaru》, is the main character in《Liquid: Oni no Sake, Kiseki no Kura》, named Shuichi. Shuichi decided to devote himself to the family Sake-making business. With his sincerity, he managed to recruit a Sake expert and brought the family business to flourish. Audience can learn about delicate Sake making process, especially the details of each stage and understand the cultural implications of Sake through the craftsman’s spirit behind its making.

    Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 3.50.29 PM (1)

    3. Fall in love with Sake:《For Love’s Sake》(恋のしずく, 2018)

    40683939_2187125947995165_1824657671056261120_o (1)

    The former member of Japanese idol girl group AKB48, Rina Kawaei, became popular after playing a role in the TV drama《Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom》. In the movie 《For Love’s Sake》, she plays the role of a college girl who dreamt of being a sommelier and had an internship at a Hiroshima Sake winery. During the internship, she put away all her preconceptions about Sake, and realised the charms of Sake. In the meanwhile, she fell in love with the son of the brewery owner. The breathtaking view of Hiroshima and the amazing art of Sake making will definitely remind you of some puppy love memories, as pure as Sake.

    4.The women who broke with the tradition of Japanese wine:《Kampai! Sake Sisters》

    56162809_2282489635340828_8709292905681911808_n (1)

    The world of Sake production is traditionally dominated by male. Women were forbidden to set foot into Sake breweries for centuries owing to superstition. Fortunately, time has changed, and women have finally asserted their place in the Sake world. The documentary of 《Kampai! Sake Sisters》shows the stories of 3 passionate gamechangers, including: Miho Imada, one of most renowned Master Brewers from Imada Sake Brewery; Marie Chiba, the trailblazing sommelier of a trendy Sake bar in Tokyo; Rebekah Wilson-Lye, the Sake expert who aspires to introduce Sake to the world. The documentary shows you the new era of the Sake world and tells you that women can also appreciate the art of Sake.

    Credit to:《Wakako Sake》、《Liquid: Oni no Sake, Kiseki no Kura》、《For Love’s Sake》(恋のしずく)、《Kampai! Sake Sisters》