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    Médoc Under $500: Best Bordeaux Wines to Drink On | Watson's Wine

    Médoc Under $500: Best Bordeaux Wines to Drink On

    Bordeaux, an enlighten destination for wine. Within this gigantic palace comes in the famous Médoc, a particularly beloved region to both novices and connoisseurs, as well as a top choice in gifting, plus range of occasions. Majoring in Cabernet Sauvignon along with Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and other grapes blends, terroir difference have gifted French wines their very own characteristics, such as in regions like Haut-Médoc, Saint-Estèphe, Pauillac, Saint-Julien and Margaux, surprising wine lovers and attracting palates from all over the world!

    Today we have prepared a variety of Medoc reds, all affordable and merely under $500. Check these out to find out your favourites!

    Grand Cru Classes

    The 1855 Bordeaux Classification has divided château into 5 classes, from the best Premières Crus to second class Deuxièmes Crus and so on. Where the 5 household Château names we often came across are topped on list as “First Growths”, most of them are indeed product of Médoc (except Haut Brion from Graves). Each carries a long history in providing stable quality classics that are popular and hailed by many. Although it seems most of them came in a bit pricey, but under careful selection, there are actually some price-friendly items!

    Second Wines

    Bordeaux is the origin of the concept of Second Wine. Since the châteaux in Bordeaux hold a high standard for their flagship wines (they usually use the best grapes from older vines and the result wines require years of ageing before release), the retail price is usually higher. Whereas in their Second Wines, production is usually sourced from younger vines and it takes less time for the wine to age before they are ready to drink. Yet, they receive equal attention and first-class care from the winemaking team while being sold in much lower prices. No wonder they are hot items among wine enthusiast and could even record a global sales record that can compete with the flagships!

    Cru Bourgeois & Regional Wines

    It’s clear that the 1855 Bordeaux Classification serve as an important benchmark for lots of consumers during purchase. However, consider different factors and timeframe where lots of château that worth the attention have yet been found, the industry have then decided to bring these exceptional château under the umbrella of Cru Bourgeois, further dividing it into 3 levels in 2003 and continuously fine-tuning the system up till now to keep things up. Review will take place regularly to evaluate each château’s performance to make sure quality remains valid for people to reference on. All in all, although some of the regional château have not been participating in any of these classifications, it doesn’t mean the quality is not on par with any château that’s on the list. Understanding terroir style, for instance like the strong and intense character of Pauillac, elegance of Margaux, is still a useful reference in finding your own favourite.

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