Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor (under 18) in the course of business

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    New Year Snacks x Wine Pairing | Watson's Wine

    New Year Snacks x Wine Pairing

    Chinese cuisineChinese New YearFestival & OccasionFood & Wine Pairing

    One of people’s favourite parts of Chinese New Year is definitely the food – apart from cuisines in the spring dinners, the New Year snacks are also popular. Let’s check out how we can pair them with wines!

    Savoury Snacks

    Salty Egg Twists / Deep-fried Taro Balls x Sparkling Wine

    The very traditional savoury snacks really remind us of the old times – it’s perfect for us to enjoy with our family with a bottle of sparkling wine, which can cut through the oiliness and make us feel less stuffy.

    Salty Egg Twists

    Pistachio x Nutty Sparkling

    A crisp, refreshing Blanc de Blancs Champagne with fruit purity and savoury complexity can pair well with raw pistachios. It complements the nutty flavor of pistachios and provides an unexpected surprise of enjoyment.


    Chinese New Year Puddings

    Nian Gao x Moscato d’Asti / off-dry Riesling

    To pair with Nian Gao, we need a little bit of sweetness in the wine to balance the sweet flavour in the sticky rice cake. Great examples include Moscato d’Asti and some off-dry Riesling from Germany.

    Nian Gao

    Turnip Cake x Champagne

    The turnip cakes are usually pan-fried so that they are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. We may pair them with a sleek and tingling Champagne to offset the oiliness from pan-frying.

    Turnip Cake

    Candy Tray Snacks

    Crispy Pastry Dumpling / Sesame Cookies x Sauternes

    Made by the extremely rare Noble Rot, the honeyed, dried-fruit characters of Sauternes wine pair well with the deep-fried snacks. It delivers a floral aroma and a sweet palate that can balance the greasy feel of the dish.

    Crispy Dumpling

    Sesame Balls x Whisky

    Whisky will be another option for pairing with deep-fried snacks, especially those barrel-fermented/aged in Sherry barrels. The honey, fruity and nutty palate of these whiskies create interesting chemistry with deep-fried dishes.

    Sesame Balls