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5 “Floral Wines” You Should Never Miss

Floral Wine花系美酒花系美酒

Spring has come and some floral wines would be perfect for the season. Here are 5 floral wines for you and let’s enjoy the spring in a blossomy style.

Perrier-Jouët - Grand Brut NV

Perrier-Jouët, also known as “Flowers of Paris” in Chinese, was founded in 1811 by Pierre Nicolas Perrier and his wife Rose Adelaïde (Adele) Jouët. They combined their family names and started the later world-famous Champagne brand.

Apart from its romantic origin, the brand also has a strong relationship with arts. We can always see artistic floral prints on their bottles and packagings, making each of its Champagne a piece of art from inside out.

To understand Perrier-Jouët, we can start with their Grand Brut NV, which is fruity with medium level of acidity. Together with its eye-catching packaging and wine label, it seizes the hearts of wine lovers around the world.

Pyramid Valley-Earth Smoke Pinot Noir 2015

Pyramid Valley is a New Zealand winery with a strong belief in Biodynamics: its wine-making process obeys the principles of nature and its production is low. Their wine labels are painted with flowers, which in fact are the weeds grown on each farms. Pyramid Valley keeps the weeds on their vineyards on purpose, which can enhance the microorganism bio-diversity in the soils and thus provide the necessary energy/nutrients to the plants. Also, the weeds can hold the soils to reduce erosion. They even name the farms after the “weeds”, including Earth smoke, Angel Flower, Lion’s Tooth and Field of Fire. One of the farms Earth Smoke, for example, is planted with Fumitory, which will become beautiful crimson colour flowers when mature. Their leaves grow from the land at dawn just like rising smoke, inspiring the owners to name the farm as Earth Smoke.

Pyramid Valley Earth Smoke Pinot Noir 2015 has elegant accents of sandalwood, peppery rose petal and dried orange zest, accented with fresh loamy earth notes and a dose of dried sage. Its taste lingers effortlessly on the long finish and we can almost taste the passion of the owners to their lands.

Rose & Arrow - Hopewell Hills Pinot Noir 2016

Rose & Arrow is an exclusive project started by famous winemaker Louis Michel Liger-Belair in Oregon, the United States. An iconic logo is printed on their wine labels: a golden rose with an arrow end. It speaks to their foundational belief in the pleasure of paradoxes, between opposing forces of love and war. They think the “rose” and “arrow”, innately connected yet conflicting, each defined by the existence of the other, which resembles wines in the way that a balance/harmony is necessary for a wine to be great. For example, the balance between acid & sweet and simple & complex.

Hopewell Hills Pinot Noir 2016 is one of their most popular wines, which perfectly demonstrates the conflict they pursue: light-body but aromatic and energetic. They suggest drinkers to enjoy the wine in an open, welcoming and witty conversation.

Suavia - Soave Classico 2017

A simple yet beautiful flower sketch on the wine label tells the world how easy-going Suavia Soave Classico really is. It is fresh, fruity and easy-to-drink and the winery suggests to enjoy this Italian white casually in flowered terraces on spring nights, or in bars with umbrellas along with friends.

To have this easy-to-drink Suavia Soave Classico made is not at all easy though. Suavia is operated by the Tessari sisters. The trio insists on making whites, not blending and only using 2 indigenuous grapes in the territory: Garganega & Trebbiano di Soave. Uniquely amazing terroir combined with the sisters’ persistence to following traditions has won the acclaims from media and wine critics over the years.

La Horra- Corimbo Ribera del Duero 2012

After it has a great success in Rioja, Spanish star winery Roda has stepped into another iconic wine region Ribera del Duero to launch La Horra after years of study. La Horra shares the same DNA as Roda, with a strong emphasis on terroir and research. They currently produce two wines, one of which is Corimbo.

Corimbo is a term in Biology, meaning “corymb”, which is used to describe the arrangement of flowers.  Its wine label exactly shows the beauty of flower blooming in a special arrangement.
Corimbo 2012 is made from 100% Tempranillo. Apart from the vanilla and cinnamon smell, it also has a touch of exotic aromas reminiscent of wild flowers and Mediterranean herbs.

After getting to know the above special “floral” wines, do you have more wine-tasting ideas for this spring? Let us know!