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    20 Gifting Ideas for Mid-Autumn Festival | Watson's Wine

    Cheers to the Fest! 20 Gift Ideas for Mid-Autumn Festival

    GiftMid-Autumn Festival

    Mooncakes and hampers seem to be a good gifting idea for the Mid-Autumn Festival. But when it comes to wine-lovers, a few nice bottles might as well be the perfect festive treat to gift and bring up the party to live!

    Today, we have specially prepared a few gift ideas, from premium wineries, Champagne to spirits and gift sets, saving you from scouring left and right to find the best M.A.F gift your loved ones!

    【 Enjoy the Premier Sip】

    In terms of popularity for gifting, premier cru from Bordeaux and Burgundy in France are always top on the list. Known for its bespoken consistency in quality, no wonder it is the most presentable item on table when meeting your parents in-law or elders! And since the popular Chinese saying said “Good things come in pairs”, this year, we have launched a series of Chateaux Collection, they are excellent collectables and good to share for double happiness!

    【Harmonious Joy in Glass】

    Thinking of opening a good quality of bottle or two but with budget in mind? Rather than searching around, how about picking our hot items from different countries, consist of top-rating wineries and famous for high quality at affordable prices, these items are not just popular but will ensure you keep coming back for more! A sure win in family gatherings and different occasion, perhaps it could even become a daily item for your own indulgence at home!

    【Festive Spirits for Cheer】

    In traditional festivals such as Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, in addition to red wine, spirits are also a popular gift choice, such as VSOP, XO, cognacs, single malt whisky and gin, etc.

    Both VSOP and XO are French cognacs, which need to meet a series of strict requirements from origin, materials and brewing to produce. The former must be aged for at least 4 years, where the latter is even up to 10 years in least, turning them into an essence from time. Traditional breweries for instance like Hennessy, Martell and Tesseron are the holy trinity in this hall of fame, making them the best to go for when picking cognacs that are worth collecting.

    In recent years, single malt whisky has also caused a wave in the wine industry. The most popular ones include Macallan and Glenlivet. Whereas different vintages and types of barrel aging in various wineries can bring out distinctive styles with their unique and luring flavours, it will definitely impress the recipient as a stylish choice for the fest.

    【Blissful Gathering Wines】

    Where festivals could be a rare occasion in bringing your relatives and friends together, especially when everyone is wine enthusiast, bringing a wine set might be the best suit in gathering like this. With affordable price comes in enough portion to serve all, who could resist in popping up a bottle of Champagne for celebration! If you like red and white wines, there are also a variety of hot-selling items to choose from, each and every item are good to bring home even if you can’t finish them at the party.

    【Useful tips】

    Still clueless in picking? Not sure if the wine you choose is suitable for the gift recipient? Wonder if it matches with the Mid-Autumn Festival? Why not go check into our online store for more options or go into our e-customer service /stores for more inspiration! Happy M.A.F!