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    【Celebration Ideas】9 Ways to Celebrate Xmas | Watson's Wine

    9 Ways to Celebrate Xmas and CNY!

    ChristmasNew Year

    Be creative at Christmas and New Year celebrations! Apart from enjoying festive feasts and parties, fun activities such as playing board games, gathering or a drama night, might be in your diary, too. See some of our celebration ideas for wine lovers and how we pair these occasions with wine!

    1. Gift Exchange!

    Picking gifts for wine lovers can be easy and tricky at the same time – a prestigious wine would always be a good choice, or you may wow the recipients by choosing a perfect bottle/gift that fits their tastes!

    2. Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) Party!

    An array of various wine bottles on wooden shelves in a wine cellar

    The best kind of Xmas party: everyone brings their best wine! Start a festive tradition with your fellow wine lover friends (if you haven’t already) of “bring your own bottles” – you may start with Bordeaux, always popular and a good highlight of the night!

    3. Pop a Champagne!

    The most celebratory wine of all is unquestionably Champagne! On these joyous occasions, pop a nice Champagne and raise a glass with your loved ones for a great year! You may choose to uncork a prestigious Champagne for the holiday season. If not now, then when?

    4. Prepare Wine Packs
    A group of friends celebrating a chinese party with raised hands and joyful expressions around a table full of food

    The simplest way to add some celebration vibes to your parties – pick a pack of red, white and sparkling, and all your parties are settled! The average price per bottle is not necessarily high but everyone would be happy!

    5. Boardgame night

    Boardgames are so on-trend in the stay-home era! In the Xmas time, start your exciting boardgame battles with friends while enjoying some vibrant New World wines.

    6. America’s Drama Night
    A stylish composition featuring a bottle of Purple Angel red wine, gourmet popcorn, and other luxurious bottles of wines

    Partying is not your thing? Sit back and enjoy quality time at home: “drama and chill” is a nice way to relax. You may also open a bottle of American wine to match the latest American drama, adding a touch of class and style!

    7. Virtual Gathering

    During this holiday period, apart from meeting up people around us, schedule a virtual reunion with the people you miss, who are now perhaps overseas, and each of you opens a nice French red, letting the wine evolve in the glass over the long-waited conversation!

    8. Upcycle for Xmas
    Creative Christmas tree made of stacked wine corks

    Make every room as festive as possible is an exciting part of Xmas. To give the decorations more personality and make them tell more about you as a wine lover, make use of the finished wine bottles and corks!

    Spirit bottles are good choices of Xmas decorations as they come with different shapes – put on mini Xmas scarfs and hats and, boom, they become eye-catching decorations in your living room.

    The upcycling possibilities of wine corks are endless – cut them horizontally and glue them to shapes you like: Christmas tree, snowflake, etc. They can be good ornaments, coasters, table mats, you name it!

    9. Wine & Dine

    The festive feast is one of the most anticipated parts of Xmas, and it shows your class when the cuisines are perfectly matched with suitable wines. A number of Old world wines are perfect with traditional western Xmas feast, like turkey and ham. The nice concentration and mouthfeel of Italian & Spanish Reds can also match with the rich flavours of Chinese cuisine!


    deep-fried crab

    Sushi, tempura, and sashimi are popular at Xmas time. Enjoy them with Sake for the chemistry from the same origin. For the dessert, it’s undoubtedly sweet wine’s time to balance the sweetness. For sparkling fans, apart from tasting the bubbles alone/as an aperitif, you may pair them with hot pot or deep-fried dishes to offset the oiliness.