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    Can New World Wine Age? 3 Must-try Aus Museum Release! | Watson's Wine

    Can New World Wine Age? 3 Must-try Aus Museum Release!

    AustraliaNew World

    In fact, putting old world wines aside, the new world wines also have amazing aging ability, amongst, Australian wine could be called as a representative with high aging potential.

    The following Australian Museum Releases, also known as Cellar Release, Library Release, Aged Release or Late Release, we are bringing to you are all aged in wineries before released. Every single item is preciously stored and aged with the good care of winemakers under the strictest requirements; the quality is undoubtedly impeccable that you must try it for yourself!

    Why can Australian wine age so well?

    Museum Release

    The innate climate in Australia allows grapes to grow with strong fruitiness and acidity, which are factors that enable wine to age well. As weather are generally mild to hot, with long light exposure, the fruitiness in grapes tend to deliver a riper palate, whereas in cooler climate regions, such climate would result in higher acidity in grapes that help develop a rather unique style in wine after aging. With excellent agricultural management, such as effective harvest control, wines from Australia delivers a big fruity flavor with complexity.

    Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Cellar Aged Semillon 2007

    The beginning of Mount Pleasant can be traced back to 1921, when the 24-year-old legendary Australian winemaker Maurice O’Shea purchased a vineyard in Hunter Valley, and later joined by the famous wine merchant, McWilliam’s. Maurice has continued to be the chief winemaker and winery manager of the winery until his death in 1956.

    He is such a legend by bringing complex blending skills and oak barrel processing techniques to the winery, which given the capability for their wine to have excellent ageing potential while retaining intensive fruitiness. Under the support of McWilliam’s family, Maurice has been able to devote himself in winemaking, and bought in the winery’s iconic Lovedale and Rosehill vineyards subsequently in 1949.

    Mount Pleasant

    The Elizabeth Cellar Aged Semillon 2007 has a lively acidity that pops the fruitiness, while exhibiting an elegant yet intense palate of nuts, honey and freshness of citrus after aging, this Semillon has a lingering finish.

    Katnook Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

    The historic Katnook sits in Coonawarra, one of the best production regions in Australia. Katnook is an aboriginal word, loosely translating to ‘Fat Land’, a reference to the abundance of the region as well as home for the renowned Terra Rossa. The grapes produced here brings exceptional quality, especially Cabernet Sauvignon. Founded in 1867, it is one of the oldest wineries in this region. And because of the ability to fully display the characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon  while honestly reflecting the unique terroir of Coonawarra, with its high aging potential, the Katnook wines have won many awards within Australia and around the globe, including the famous Jimmy Watson trophy for twice.

    Its Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 has a rich blackberry fragrance, which matches the chocolate and vanilla aroma aged from barrel and perfectly combined with soft tannins.

    d’Arenberg Dead Arm Shiraz 2012

    d’Arenberg is a 100-year-old Australian winery with well esteem. Under the helm of d’Arry, the winery’s reputation has grown though gathering tremendous reviews from international wine festivals. With Chester Osborn, the 4th generation of the family crowned as “Winemaker of the Year” in Wine Adovocate and paid marvelous compliments by Robert Parker, the winery has eventually enter the hall of fame in wine and becoming one of the world most popular wineries.

    The flagship wine “Dead Arm” is a vine disease caused by fungus Eutypa Lata. Old vines affected have one half, or an ‘arm’ of it becomes reduced to dead wood. However, under the administer of winemaker, these old vines have avoided being lifeless and brittle, where the grapes on the other side, although low yield, have displayed amazing intensity.

    The Dead Arm Shiraz 2012 is a full-bodied wine with concentrated flavors of plum, blackberry, licorice and spices. It shows excellent texture and structure, with incredible depth of fruitiness and barreling flavors perfectly balanced.