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    Pairing Wines With 5 Summer Movies/Reality Shows | Watson's Wine

    Pairing Wines With 5 Summer Movies/Reality Shows

    The best way to stay cool in hot summer is watching movies at home! We have paired wines with 5 summer movies or reality show, let’s energize ourselves while enjoying wine and movies!

    1. Romantic Movies:500 Days of Summer (2009)

    1 (1)

    Source: 500Days of Summer

    Easy breezy summer is always a good time to fall in love. In movie “500 Days of Summer”, Tom meets his true love Summer and they fall in love. However, Summer dumps him unexpectedly. Therefore, Tom shifts back and forth through their 500 days “together” to find the way to win her back. When enjoying this sweet love story, pair it with off-dry and pinkish wine like Rosé to indulge in sweet romantic moments.

    2. Comedy:Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

    Little miss sunshine
Year : 2006
Director : Jonathan Dayton et Valerie Faris
Toni Collette
Alan Arkin
Paul Dano
Steve Carell
Greg Kinnear
Abigail Breslin

    Summer sunshine always makes you feel happier! It is perfect timing to relax with a family comedy. In movie “Little Miss Sunshine”, the dysfunctional Hoover family determined to get their young daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant in California by taking a hilarious cross-country trip. If you want to follow Hoover family pursuing dream on the road to California, choosing a California fruity wine is the best way to experience vicariously.

    3. Fantasy Animation: Weathering With You(2019)

    3 (1)

    “Weathering With You “, filmed by popular Japanese anime director Makoto Shinkai, continued the style of dazzlingly detailed picturesque landscapes style in “Your Name”. It is a love story between a girl who has the ability to manipulate the weather and a high-school boy who runs away to Tokyo. You may enjoy this pure puppy love story with a pure and refreshing white; or pick sake to appreciate the beautiful Japanese songs and feel the summery Tokyo.

    4. Hot-Blooded Sport Movie: Weeds on Fire (2016)

    4 (1)

    It’s time to shed your sweat blood in summer! “Weeds on Fire” adapted the true story of the Shatin Martins, the first baseball team from Hong Kong winning a Japanese baseball league in 1980s. The young players of Shatin Martins win with devil training and never-give-up spirit. Spirits, which are as tough as the hot blood plot, would be the perfect match of this inspiring movie!

    5. Reality Dating Show: Too Hot To Handle (2020)

    too hot to handle

    When talking about summer lately, the Netflix hot reality dating show “Too Hot to Handle” would be the first thing comes to mind. In “Too Hot to Handle”, a group of ten attractive sexy singles are taken to a beachside resort for 1 month and win $100,000 prize by enduring sex.  The sexual chemistry and flirting between contestants make this show become one of the hottest reality show recently! If you want to cool yourself down, try to drink with Champagne or Sparkling.