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    Chinese New Year Food & Wine Pairing Tips! | Watson's Wine

    Chinese New Year Food & Wine Pairing Tips!

    Chinese cuisineChinese New YearFestival & OccasionFood & Wine Pairing

    Here comes the New Year! It is time to have a new start – and that is best accompanied by a great meal! Gourmet and wine are always the perfect couple, but the options are countless – red wines, white wines, Champagne, sweet wines, etc. What exactly should we pick? We’ve prepared some food pairing tips for the common New Year dishes and what Chinese call “Dishes of Luck”. Let’s enjoy the New Year feast in style!

    Braised Pork Knuckle

    Given the fattiness of pork knuckle, it is best enjoyed with wines with good acidity, such as Italian Amarone; a Left Bank Bordeaux red with a full body and complex flavours can match with the rich flavours of Braised Pork Knuckle as well.


    Pan Fried Prawn with Tomato Sauce

    “Prawn” means laughter in Cantonese, making Pan Fried Prawn with Tomato Sauce another popular “Dish of Luck”!  Its sweet and sour flavour is very appetizing and can pair with a fruity Rose. Apart from their perfect match of colour tones, their tastes can supplement each other well, too.  Rose’s flavours will not be as easily overshadowed by the tomato sauce as a white wine.

    Tomato Sauce Prawn 茄汁蝦

    Braised Whole Australian Abalone

    Despite its rich-flavoured sauce, the main ingredient of Braised Abalone is still seafood, which is best paired with red wines with a full body but medium tannin. For example, a richer New World red, whose soft tannin and round mouthfeel can match with the sauce and texture of Braised Abalone.

    Braised Australian Abalone 紅燒鮑魚

    Fried Coral mussel with Celery

    Celery has a signature herbaceous taste and coral mussel is a typical seafood. Pairing them with an aromatic, herbaceous NZ Sauvignon Blanc would be perfect.

    Fried Coral mussel with Celery 西芹炒珊蝴蚌

    Deep-fried Crab Claus Filled with Shrimp Paste

    Paired the Crab Claws with a Champagne with vibrant acidity. The freshness can balance the oiliness coming from the deep-frying treatment.

    Deep-fried Crab Claus Filled with Shrimp Paste 百花釀蟹鉗

    Crispy Fried Chicken

    A NZ Pinot Noir will match perfectly with the crispy fried chicken. Its savoury taste works with the chicken that is slightly salty and its acidity can balance the greasy feel of the dish. A creamy Chardonnay is good choice too as it works well with the texture of chicken.

    Crispy Fried Chicken 炸子雞

    Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls

    To pair with the sweet rice balls, we’ll need a sweeter wine, such as a Sauternes from France, otherwise the flavours of wines will be overshadowed. Portugal Port wines can work, too. With some nutty flavours, combined with a hint of Creme Brulee or Macaron taste, Port wines match beautifully with the stuffing of sweet rice balls.

    Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Balls 芝麻湯圓

    Stir Fried Sticky Rice

    Sticky rice gives people a full mouthfeel, so we can pair it with Chenin Blanc with sufficient body. Its fruitiness also works greatly with the dish’s ingredients, which are slightly sweet.

    Stir Fried Sticky Rice 炒糯米飯