Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor (under 18) in the course of business

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    Your Complete Pairing Guide: Wine & Stew | Watson's Wine

    Your Complete Pairing Guide: Wine & Stew

    Autumn/Winter is the perfect time for enjoying hearty stews and hotpots. Check out our recommendations and enjoy food-and-wine-pairing Hong Kong-style!

    Lamb Brisket Stew x Syrah

    Lamb Brisket Stew is usually stir-fried with scallions and ginger slices, releasing wonderful aromas. It is then seasoned with fermented bean curd and dark soy sauce, resulting in a very flavourful dish. The spicy and peppery characteristics of Syrah blend well with the seasonings, enhancing the richness of the flavour. The intense fruitiness, aromatic spices, and hints of cloves, make the lamb meat, soaked in the broth, taste even more complex, creating a surprising combination.

    Chicken Pot x Off-dry Riesling

    Spicy food matches perfectly with a low-alcohol, sweet, and intensely aromatic white wine (such as off-dry Riesling). The chilled wine provides a refreshing sensation while consuming spicy food. The sweetness of the wine helps to alleviate any burning sensation caused by spiciness, and its low alcohol content prevents intensifying the heat. The abundant fruitiness of the wine effectively counterbalances the spiciness.

    Black Beans Sparerib Pot Rice x Merlot-based Right Bank Bordeaux

    An ideal pairing would be a Bordeaux Right Bank wine dominated by Merlot, offering abundant fruit aromas and smooth tannins. With a medium-to-full body and distinct red fruit aromas, this wine is approachable and perfectly complements ribs.

    Claypot Rice with Lap Chang x Amarone

    The ripe fruit flavours and full-bodied richness of Amarone blend beautifully with the sweet soy sauce, while also complementing the savoury flavours of cured meats. The wine’s higher acidity helps to alleviate any greasiness of the Claypot Rice.