Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor (under 18) in the course of business

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    The Season of Picnics! Food Pairing & Wines Choices | Watson's Wine

    The Season of Picnics! Food Pairing & Wines Choices

    Hiking and picnics are great ways to enjoy nature here in Spring. Before it gets too hot, let’s make most of the sunny days by going out and enjoying the sun on a grassy field. Check out our picnic food & wine pairing tips and enjoy a meal in the breeze!

    Sushi/Korean Seaweed Rice Roll x Sake

    Many people like to make sushi or Korean seaweed rice rolls for picnics. They are not only delicious but also look great in photos. Both sushi and rice rolls can be paired with a refreshing Sake. The rice flavour in the Sake can complement the sushi/rice rolls.

    Light Salad x New World Whites

    In recent years, more people are more conscious of health, and nutritious light salads have become a must-have for picnics. Among them, Caesar salad and tomato buffalo cheese salad are the most popular ones. To enjoy the fresh salad, we may pair them with some refreshing New World white wines, such as the crisp Sauvignon Blanc with herbaceous and citrus notes!

    Korean Fried Chicken x White Wine/Sparkling Wine

    Korean fried chicken is trending, and to enjoy them in style, we can pair them with white wine or sparkling wine. The acidity of whites and sparkling can reduce the greasy feeling of fried chicken and add a spark of freshness to your meal. For spicy fried chicken, we can pair it with an off-dry white wine to help reduce the heat!

    Pizza x Italian Wine

    With rich flavours and layers and layers of “cheese”, pizzas are great for sharing with a group of friends on a picnic. Generally, Italian wine has the perfect acidity that marries well with the tomato sauce-based Pizza. Examples include the Sangiovese-based Chianti.

    Fresh Fruit Platter x Chilled Rose Wine

    Enjoying a warm, comfortable sunbath with a cool, fresh fruit platter is definitely a pleasure! It would be best to have a glass of Rose at the same time, too. What’s more Instagram-able than a pink afternoon with the beautiful Rose?

    Fresh Fruit Cake x Sweet Wine

    How would a picnic work with some delicious cakes? The fruit and cream of the cakes are usually sweet, so we may choose to pair them with the also sweet Moscato – a perfect afternoon for sweet tooth!