Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor (under 18) in the course of business

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    Happy Hour. Watson's Hour!

    Miss the good time of tasting wine together? Long to meet the giants behind the labels? Why not both!

    From the end of May 2020, with our all-new wine experience Watson’s Hour, we connect you with renowned winemakers and experts in the wine industry to have online wine tasting and share about wine every week! There will also be special offers for the wine featured in each episode!

    In May, we talk about Pinot Noir - the grape that makes the ultimate wine for some wine lovers. It is a difficult but rewarding variety to grow, producing elegant and refined wines with smooth tannins and profound complexity.

    We start with the world-class Pinot Noir of Felton Road from New Zealand, then head to neighbouring Australia to chat with Bindi Wines' Michael Dhillon – James Halliday’s Winemaker of the Year 2022. After this we go to the Americas, where Amelia (Chile) and DuMOL (United States) are crafting fine wines, charmed by cool sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean.

    Mark your schedule - Visit individual page for each episode & get your eCoupon!
    Upcoming Schedule – Pinot Noir Series (in Hong Kong Time, UTC+8)
    Ep. 97-101: Malbec Series (Apr 2022)
    Missed our LIVE? Revisit on our Facebook!
    Ep. 92-96: Spain Series (Mar 2022)
    Ep. 89-91: Cantonese Series (Feb 2022)
    Ep. 85-88: New Year’s Resolution Specials (Jan 2022)
    Ep. 83-84: 2021 Year-end Specials (Dec 2021)
    Ep. 80-82: Grenache: the new Pinot Noir? (Dec 2021)
    Ep. 76-79: The Terroirs of Riesling (Nov 2021)
    Ep. 72-75: Barolo & Barbaresco Series (Oct 2021)
    Ep. 67-71: Sake Series (Sep 2021)
    Ep. 63-66: The Landscape of New Zealand (Aug 2021)
    Ep. 59-62: Bourgogne Wines Series (July 2021)
    Ep. 55-58: Great Cabernets around the World (Jun 2021)
    Ep. 51-54: Star Winemakers Series (May 2021)
    Ep. 46-50: Sparkling around the World Series (Apr 2021)
    Ep. 42-45: Bordeaux Classed Growth Series (Mar 2021)
    Ep. 38-41: Lunar New Year Series (Feb 2021)
    Ep. 34-37: New Year Series (Jan 2021)
    (Conducted in Cantonese)
    Ep.29-33: Xmas Series (Dec 2020)
    Ep.26-28: South Australia Series (Nov 2020)
    Ep.21-25: South America Series (Oct-Nov 2020)
    Ep.17-20: Mid-Autumn Festival Series (Sep 2020)
    Ep.11-16: Summer Series (Jul-Sep 2020)
    Ep.6-10: Italy Series (Jun-Jul 2020)
    Ep.1-5: Australia Series (May-Jun 2020)